11.1 Who wins the internet?

Mark Zuckerberg facebook cropFacebook’s announced it’s reached a billion views in one day.

Go Facebook. It’s no small achievement.

What about the stream of Pavlovian reminders:

  • Someone in your network’s posted something
  • Someone’s replied to a comment you are following
  • Someone’s replied to a comment you’ve posted
  • In fact, pretty much anything

sent to users by phone, by email, by text, on swipe-in screens, by any conceivable means possible, designed to induce people to go look and stay hooked into the service.

That might have something to do with it.

So who wins the internet? The answer is those with the best behavioural scientists.

And what happens when we wise up to human nature and understand better how it can be gamed. What happens when we all become behavioural scientists?

What happens when we develop digital and behavioural literacy, as we’ve developed language, numeric and other literacies.

It would be good to think everyone might then win the internet.

For themselves.

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