5.4 Simple and complicated

Simple Complicated Illustrator Pair 3

The simple act of being able to shower in fresh water, set to a temperature of choice, is one of life’s most basic and enjoyable pleasures.

In the 21st Century, in a world with sustainable development goals, joined-up resources, human intelligence and technical smarts, how is it still that only a small proportion of people in the world today have this luxury?

A quality of life, in which everyone can do this, is a simple ‘ask’, but complicated to realise.

Maybe this is the real context of what we might call achievement in the Digital Era; that our metamorphosis, as digital humans, includes being able to reduce the labour of realising simple goals like this without them being difficult, unattainable or complicated.

Even while we talk of minimum viability as geeks, sometimes it’s easy to forget what quality of life actually means as people.

It’s a soft pillow, a good meal, a home.

Human needs can fall by the wayside just because we have low thresholds.

Solving the basics elegantly is about making life’s simple pleasures abundant; having things like drinkable or hot water, homes, and sustainable food choices on tap for everyone.

Joining information end-to-end to make them possible is going to be when we know we’re using code and data to raise us up.

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