9.1 On invisible powers

IBM 5mb hard drive

As time passes, it’s easy to laugh at the ridiculous amount of labour that used to go into making things that were technologically advanced.

The 5Mb in this picture from 60 years ago today is miniscule. It’s almost negligible in comparison.

The true sense of power code gives us can be easy to neglect because of how small it is.

Because of code, anyone can have a unique url, a digital footprint, make their mark in the world and stand for something.

Because of digital technology, everyone can have a shop window of their own, open to the world online.

Instead of standing at the sidelines and sniggering at those who we think are the powerful, anyone can do work that matters and be counted for it.

We can rise up, we can go beyond sharing linkbait and create mutual value by being connected.

We can be recognised as individuals in networks, each with a unique talent, and make a difference.

The tables have turned from the time of this picture. Now, with code, we have invisible powers.

We can use it and it’s kryptonite.  How about we let the robots and the hard drives with the serial numbers do the grunt work while we focus on something better.


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